Amarr Garage Doors

Elevate your property's curb appeal and functionality with Amarr Garage Doors, proudly offered by Midwest Garage Door Company. Amarr Garage Doors are renowned for their innovative design, exceptional quality, and superior performance, making them a preferred choice for residential and commercial properties. With a commitment to craftsmanship and reliability, Amarr Garage Doors provide lasting durability, low maintenance, and enhanced security for your home or business. Contact Midwest Garage Door Colorado Springs today to learn more about the impressive range of Amarr Garage Doors and how they can elevate your property.

Why Choose Amarr Garage Doors?

  • Innovative Design: Amarr garage doors feature multiple design patents, setting new industry standards for safety and security.

  • Superior Insulation: With triple-layer construction and advanced insulation, Amarr doors offer unparalleled energy efficiency and quiet operation.

  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, including low-maintenance steel, Amarr doors are built to withstand the test of time.

  • Wide Range of Options: Choose from various design options, including carriage house designs, modern styles, and customizable features.

  • Made in the USA: All Amarr steel doors are proudly manufactured in the USA, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

Key Features of Amarr Garage Doors

  • Patented Design: Amarr doors are equipped with multiple design patents, ensuring unmatched safety and security.

  • Triple-Layer Construction: Superior insulation and quiet operation are guaranteed with Amarr's triple-layer construction.

  • Durable Materials: Amarr doors are built to last from high-quality, low-maintenance steel.

  • Customizable Options: Choose from various design options, colors, and accessories to create the perfect garage door for your home or business.

Amarr Garage Door Product Lines


Experience the timeless elegance of the Classica collection from Amarr Garage Doors. With authentic wood's appearance and steel's durability, these doors combine classic aesthetics with modern functionality. Choose from various carriage house designs to complement your home's exterior and enjoy peace of mind with low-maintenance steel construction.

Classica Amarr Garage Door


Make a bold statement with the Hillcrest collection from Amarr Garage Doors. Offering over 100 unique carriage house designs, these doors are crafted from durable steel and boast low-maintenance features. Stand out from the crowd with a garage door as unique as your style, all at great value prices.

Hillcrest Amarr Garage

Designer's Choice

Discover the ultimate protection with the Designer's Choice collection from Amarr Garage Doors. These doors have triple-layer construction and superior insulation, providing quiet operation and energy efficiency. Customize your door with various design options to create a unique and stylish look for your home.

Designer's Choice Amarr Garage


Make a distinctive design statement with the Horizon collection from Amarr Garage Doors. Featuring horizontal solid lines and expansive glass panels, these doors offer a modern aesthetic with customizable glazing and color options. Elevate the look of your property with the sleek and sophisticated design of Horizon garage doors.

Horizon Amarr Garage Door

Wood Tone

With the Wood Tone collection from Amarr Garage Doors, create a custom door that reflects your unique style. Choose from various carriage house designs and customize your door with materials, windows, and hardware options. Experience the luxury of a one-of-a-kind garage door that enhances the beauty of your home.

Wood Tone Amarr Garage

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