Residential Garage Door Openers and Accessories at Midwest Garage Door Company

At Midwest Garage Door Company our commitment to customer service and superior products makes us a leading provider of residential, and commercial garage door solutions. In our commitment to customer service, we want you to enjoy durable and attractive garage doors that will serve you for years to come, which is why we offer a variety of residential garage door openers and accessories!

Midwest Garage Door Company Colorado Springs is the premier supplier of residential garage door openers and accessories. Ideal for any home, our selection of residential garage door openers and accessories are durable and reliable and will withstand daily wear and tear. Review our selection of garage door openers and accessories, and see which options will best suit your needs! If you have any questions about our available inventory of garage door openers and accessories, contact our team at Midwest Garage Door Company Colorado Springs.

LiftMaster® Garage Door Openers, Systems, and Accessories

Midwest Garage Door Company Colorado Springs is committed to providing its customers with top-quality products. To ensure this, we are an authorized warranty station and factory distributor for the LiftMaster® Professional line of residential garage door openers, systems, and accessories. Our extensive range of products is of the highest quality, boasting exceptional performance, safety, and durability. The LiftMaster® brand is known for its longevity, featuring innovative and advanced accessories that simplify entering and exiting your home. We offer sales, service, and installation for LiftMaster® products, ensuring that our customers have a seamless and convenient experience.

Garage Door Openers

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster® belt drive garage door openers, available at Midwest Garage Door Company Colorado Springs, are the preferred option for homeowners due to their exceptional smoothness, quietness, and reliability. With a battery backup feature, these garage door openers ensure that homeowners can still access their homes even during power outages.


  • Accessory Warranty: Up to 1 Year
  • Belt Warranty: Lifetime
  • Motor Warranty: Lifetime
  • Parts Warranty: Up to 5 years
  • Chain Warranty: Up to 1 year

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Garage Door Openers

Residential Jackshaft Garage Door Openers

For those with smaller garages or limited space, Residential Jackshaft garage door openers are an ideal solution. These openers are designed to be wall-mounted, maximizing the available space while providing ultra-quiet operation. The Residential Jackshaft garage door opener also includes an optional add-on battery pack, enabling homeowners to access their garages even in the event of a power outage.

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Garage Door Openers

Gate Openers

After a tiring day, stepping out of your vehicle to manually open your gate can be frustrating. Fortunately, LiftMaster® Gate Openers provide a safe and reliable solution to this inconvenience while adding value and convenience to any gated entrance. These openers offer homeowners the flexibility to choose their preferred gate opening direction- inward, outward, or parallel to a fence or wall.


  • Operator Warranty - Up to 7 years

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Garage Door Openers

Access Control Systems

To ensure the safety and security of your residence or business, access control systems are a crucial addition. These systems offer effective management of the entry and exit of personnel and vehicles in gated communities, apartment complexes, and other secured areas. By incorporating telephone entry systems, keypads, or card readers, into access control systems, you are able to control and monitor who enters and exits through the gated entrance. With the use of access control systems, you can maintain a high level of safety and security for your property.


  • Operator Warranty - Up to 2 years
  • Accessory Warranty - Up to 2 years

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Garage Door Openers


My Q™ Technology offers you the convenience of controlling your residence remotely, from any location. Whether using your smartphone, tablet, or computer, My Q™ Technology ensures secure monitoring and control of your facility operator and lights. With this easy-to-use handheld control, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you are in control of your residence even when you are away.


  • Accessory Warranty - 1 year

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Garage Door Opener Accessories

Keyless Entry Systems - Operating your LiftMaster® garage door is made effortless with the touch of a button, thanks to Keyless Remote Systems. These systems are designed to be easily portable and can be stored in your vehicle for convenient use.

Remote Controls - Make carrying your garage door remote control hassle-free with LiftMaster® garage door remote controls. These remote controls are conveniently designed to attach to your keychain, purse, or wallet, making them easy to carry around with you. Alternatively, they can also be stored in your vehicle for quick and easy access.

Control Panels - LiftMaster® control panels are mounted on the wall of your garage, providing effortless access to opening and closing your garage door with the touch of a button. These panels are available with a range of features, such as automatic lighting, temperature display, and system status alerts, ensuring a convenient and customizable user experience.

Smart Garage Camera - Enhance your existing My Q™ connected garage door opener with the LiftMaster® Smart Garage Camera, which provides live-streamed video. With the Smart Garage Camera, you can easily view your home in real-time from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Smart Locks - Experience the convenience of controlling your Smart Locks from the My Q™ app, with the world's first device of its kind. With Smart Locks, not only can you access your home through the Smart Lock keypad, but you can also do so remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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At Midwest Garage Door Company our service technicians earn their certification through the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation within their first two years at the company. Whether you need a reliable garage door supplier, installer, or service and repair technician, Midwest Garage Door Company will complete all areas of garage door service with premium quality and customer service.

Midwest Garage Door Company in Colorado Springs proudly serves El Paso, Douglas, Pueblo, Chaffee, Teller, Lincoln, Elbert, and the Colorado Springs surrounding counties. For more information or a free new garage door estimate, contact our team. We look forward to providing you with superior garage door solutions.

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