Dock Equipment at Midwest Garage Door Colorado Springs

Find durable and high-quality dock equipment at Midwest Garage Door Colorado Springs. Our inventory includes a comprehensive selection of Pioneer Dock Equipment products tailored for diverse material handling, commercial and industrial distributors, ensuring the perfect solution for your application. Our broad range of commercial dock equipment is crafted for both operability and longevity, providing the durability and quality necessary to guarantee your business's smooth and secure operation.

Explore our selection of commercial dock equipment to identify the products that best suit your needs. If you have any questions about our dock equipment, contact our knowledgeable team at Midwest Garage Door Colorado Springs.

Garage Door Openers

Dock Levelers

At Midwest Garage Door Colorado Springs, you can find a line of reliable and durable Pioneer dock levelers that can help correct height differences between trailers or truck beds and loading dock platforms. Whether you need a hydraulic or manual system, Pioneer dock levelers are designed with the ultimate strength, ease of use and reliability so your operation can run without hesitation. Learn more about Pioneer dock equipment products at Midwest Garage Door Colorado Springs: 


Pit Levelers

​​Find the best pit leveler solution for your application with a choice of 6 pit leveler products. Each Pioneer pit leveler is made with a 55,000-pound minimum yield steel tread plate and molded bumpers to protect the dock face and leveler from impact. This selection of pit levelers features 25,000 to 80,000-pound capacities, so you can be sure to find a product that can keep up with your operation. Pit levelers available at Midwest Garage Door Colorado Springs include:



Edge of Dock Levelers

Midwest Garage Door Colorado Springs provides a range of 5 Edge of Dock levelers with a 55,000-pound minimum yield safety tread plate deck. These levelers are available in two variants - with or without bump blocks. Depending on the capacity requirements of your operations, you can choose from the options available, ranging from 20,000 pounds to 30,000 pounds. The Edge of Dock levelers offered by Midwest Garage Door Colorado Springs include:


Hydraulic Top of Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Top of Dock levelers are ideal for retrofit situations where working range requirements exceed those offered by Edge of Dock Levelers, though there is no existing pit. Featuring a 55,000-pound minimum yield safety tread plate and 20,000 to 25,000-pound capacity, the Hydraulic Top of Dock Leveler can mount on top of the dock with no pit or concrete requirements. Learn more about the Pioneer Hydraulic Top of Dock Leveler.

Boards and Ramps

Pioneer boards and ramps come in a variety of sizes and capabilities, making them ideal for a range of commercial applications. All of Pioneer’s boards and ramps feature a safety tread plate design for traction, safety curbs, and beveled edges for smooth entry and exit. Steel rail boards come in capacities from 15,000 to 40,000 pounds and portable steel dock boards are available in 10,000 to 20,000-pound capacities. Learn more about Pioneer Boards and Ramps.

Dock Equipment


Seals and Shelters

The selection of seals and shelters at Midwest Garage Door Colorado Springs are all Pioneer products. These durable and reliable seals and shelters will aid in productivity and provide protection from the weather, dirt, and insect infiltration. Available in a variety of truck widths and heights, the selection of seals and shelters at Midwest Garage Door Colorado Springs provides a snug and secure fit, maximizing durability. Learn more about Pioneer seals and shelters:

Dock Seals

Pioneer Dock Seals are designed with the highest-grade materials available and feature a pressure-treated wood backing or optional steel backing. Designed with a weather-tight enclosure, 100% lock-stitched seams, a 4-inch full-length yellow guide strap, and metal hoods, Pioneer Dock Seals are designed with enhanced durability and serve a variety of applications. Learn more about Pioneer Dock Seals.

Dock Shelters

Designed to shield your dock from weather, Pioneer Dock Shelters are designed to withstand any climate. Crafted with a raked cut header to prevent standing water, a heavy-duty structural panel, overlapping weather shingles, and fiberglass covers, Pioneer Dock Shelters will provide protection and durability for a variety of applications. Learn more about Pioneer Dock Shelters.

Dura Seal

Dura Seal Dock seals are designed with high tear base material and a standard side pad wedge, ensuring your dock is sealed tight and protected against outside elements. Dura Seal products are available in the traditional style or as a head curtain style. Learn more about Pioneer Dura Seal products.

ThermoGuard Under Seal

To ensure every aspect of your dock equipment is protected, ThermoGuard Under Seal is available to protect the inner workings. Made with heavy-duty vinyl materials and pit leveler weather seals, ThermoGuard Under Seal improves energy efficiency, guards against unwanted insects and rodents, reduces dust, and prevents debris. Learn more about ThermoGuard Under Seal.

Dock Equipment

Truck Restraints

Safety is a vital aspect of any operation, and with Pioneer Truck Restraints, your loading docks will operate with the utmost safety. Providing a restraining force of more than 50,000 pounds, these restraints are designed to assist in preventing unwanted truck departures and rollaway trucks, reducing the chance of accidents. Review Pioneer Truck Restraints:

Automatic Truck Restraints

Find an Automatic Truck Restraint that will best meet the demands of your operation. Designed with heavy-duty materials, .25hp 115-volt motors, and automatic push-button controls, the selection of automatic truck restraints all feature simple and reliable operability. Choose from a variety of Pioneer Automatic Truck Restraints including:

Manual Truck Restraints

Designed with a low profile, self-cleaning spring, hook assembly, and a restraining force of over 50,000 pounds, manual truck restraints are an affordable safety solution. For a competitively priced truck restraint, learn more about the Pioneer MVR Manual Truck Restraint.

Dock Equipment

Dock Accessories

Keep your commercial dock running efficiently and safely with Pioneer Dock Accessories. Whether you are looking to ensure proper operation or to optimize safety, Midwest Garage Door Colorado Springs offers a wide range of Pioneer Dock accessories to improve the operation of your commercial dock. Learn more about Pioneer Dock Accessories:


Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, Pioneer bumpers will fit the needs of any commercial dock. Designed with laminated and molded rubber construction, Pioneer Bumpers provide the long-lasting protection that you need. Learn more about Pioneer Bumpers.

Wheel Chocks

Improve safety with Pioneer Wheel Chocks. Crafted to fit your individual needs, you can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes. All crafted with durable rubber molding, or available laminated molding, these Wheel Chocks can be chained to the dock. Learn more about Pioneer Wheel Chocks.

Dock Lights and Fans

Keep your operation well-lit and ventilated with Pioneer Dock Lights and Fans. Pioneer Dock Lights are designed with a double strut or adjustable folding arm design, coming in a standard length of 90 inches and available with a fan attachment, this is an ideal product for every operation. Learn more about Pioneer Dock Lights and Fans.

Traffic Lights

Designed to alert drivers and dock personnel of the safety status of the loading dock, Pioneer traffic lights will improve safety. Learn more about Pioneer Traffic Lights.

Dura Jack

A useful tool for every operation that has dock loading and unloading personnel, the Pioneer Dura Jack is crafted with a low-profile lightweight design and reinforced chassis for extra strength. To optimize the ease of use, Dura Jacks are designed with a hydraulic system. Learn more about the Pioneer Dura Jack.

Guard It

Guardit Products

Safety is at the forefront of every workplace, and with our selection of Guardit products, it will be easier than ever to optimize safety. Guardit products are designed to enhance and improve safety and security in any warehouse or manufacturing environment. Learn more about Guardit products:

Door Track Guards

Protect the overhead door track from impact during loading and unloading with Door Track Guards. Available in 24”, 36”, and 48”, door track guards can hold 53 to 106 pounds. Learn more about Guardit Door Track Guards.


Bollards are a great tool to protect your facility with a versatile barrier. Available in 4” or 6” diameter and 40” tall, Bollards are easily installed indoors or outdoors. Learn more about Guardit Bollards.

Rails and Guards

Protect your facility with Guard Rails and Guards. Available in lengths from 4 feet to 10 feet, our selection of Guard Rails and Guards are manufactured from 10-gauge steel. Learn more about Guardit Rails and Guards.

Modular Warehouse Stars

Elevate your warehouse's design with Guardit Modular Warehouse Stairs. Designed with traction-optimizing steps and safety rails, Modular Warehouse stairs are a safe and practical solution for a variety of applications. Learn more about Guardit Modular Warehouse Stairs.

Overhead Door Protectors

Protect your doors, water lines, and other conduits with Guardit Overhead Door Protectors. Available in 10’, 12’, and 16’ heights, these Overhead Door Protectors are quick and easy to install and come with all necessary hardware. Learn more about Guardit Overhead Door Protectors.

Mezzanine Gate

Improve safety with Guardit Mezzanine Gates, a safe and simple solution to reducing falls and accidents. Learn more about Gaurdit Mezzanine Gates.

Trailer Jack

Elevate trailers with ease with Guardit Trailer Jacks. Available in a variety of capacities, these trailer jacks are an ideal solution for any operation. Learn more about Guardit Trailer Jacks.

Driver Signal Safety Flag

With Driver Signal Safety Flags, your employees can let drivers know when it is safe to back in or drive away from the loading dock. Made with durable material, Guardit Driver Safety Flags feature diamond-grade reflective yellow or green material. Learn more about Guardit Driver Signal Safety Flags.

Downspout Protectors

Protect gutters and downspouts against truck impact with Gaurdit Downspout Protectors. Available in custom sizes, all downspout protectors are made with 10 gauge steel. Learn more about Guardit Downspout Protectors.

Industrial Doors

Industrial Doors

We distribute a variety of Pioneer Industrial Doors ideal for various environments. Whether you are looking to provide security and flow-through ventilation with security gates or wanting to conserve heat and maintain temperature with air curtains, you'll find what you're looking for. Choose from the products below to learn more:


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